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I'm sick of fucking retards blaming all of my videos

2008-06-26 19:01:26 by Cetacean007

Ok, I'm just fucking sick of this bullshit. I'm a begginer at flash animations, so therefore, I want you to fucking respect me. EVERY time I post a flash animation, even one that has good quality, some fucking moron decides to blam it, even if I spent several fucking weeks working on it. However, if they watch THE SHITTIEST flash animations that deserve to be blammed, they will worship them like some sort of god, as long as it has anything to do with either porn, some shitty video game, or an overused internet meme that's not even funny. So please, don't be a total asshole and blam all of my videos, and if you actually plan on blamming them, just remember that I'm a begginer with flash and I hope to improve.



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2008-06-26 19:09:29

Make the filesize bigger. 99% of the users just vote on how big the filesize is.


2008-07-13 19:29:57

I don't blame you for being mad. That disturbing trend just gets worse and worse each day.


2008-07-13 19:30:47

I gave your new video a good rating :)

Cetacean007 responds:

Which one?


2008-07-13 19:46:40

Look man, I just watched your carp animation, and it just isn't good enough for Newgrounds - I can't really see how anyone could enjoy watching that. I understand that you're new to animation, and everyone starts out bad; that's why you practice and get better, maybe make a few flashes that you either don't submit, or get blammed, but I believe you can work hard, and your skill will increase, and then your stuff will be better. Don't be bitter that bad flash doesn't survive, though, because what kind of place would Newgrounds be filled with unentertaining flash movies?


2008-08-03 12:59:50

You just have to work harder at your animations, there is always room for improvement.


2008-08-09 09:53:40

I know completely how u feel. I spent AGES on one flash and then one dik gives it a zero and his comment is - filesize too low. He didnt even watch it! oh well, i suppose practice make perfect and hopefully one day someone wont blam us begginers. good luck for futer :D


2008-09-01 03:26:03

Dude...don't feel so bad about it. At the level you're at, here's how it goes. You make something with flash, you're all proud that you're learning this new program, you're like, "Hey, this is neat." You show your friends, they say, "Hey man, that's cool." Then you put it on Newgrounds, and because you can't draw very well, and because you get pissy about it, people vote your stuff down. Although it does suck when people are rude about it. True dat.

Man up dude, Jesus, you make me wanna go out and smash my fingers with a hammer while pissing on the third rail, thereby adding some extra manliness to the world to compensate for your whining like a little girl. Everybody sucks at something when they first start out. How can you get pissed coz people are honest with you? At least this way, you'll know when you finally make something decent. That's when you get respect, man. People will vote it in. Think about how sweet that'll feel. Also, get a digital drawing pad if you want to get better fast. It's tough drawing with a mouse, I know. =)

Or, you could just get all your friends to come on and vote 5, so your crappy flashes make it through. XD


2008-09-01 03:30:20

Also, I'd like to leave a link to your reviews, so people can see what a hypocrite you are. Not only do you give shit reviews for movies far better than yours, you voted 10 on just one of those shit movies that made it through simply by mentioning the word "porno." iews/flash

So quit it.


2008-09-01 03:47:54

i voted 0


2008-09-01 03:51:17

Also, if you keep getting blammed, stop submitting, practice, then submit more