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Ah snap

2008-12-30 17:36:17 by Cetacean007

Well, for some reason, my compy phucked up (not because of vundo) I think it was unplugged while it was still on. So untill it gets fixed Im gonna be using a shit laptop from 2002. Not swell. Well anyways, take care. Bye.


2008-11-11 14:47:28 by Cetacean007

Well, guess huat?
I think I finally got my computer fixed! YES. I used spybot like I did with the other laptop to get rid of vundo, and it worked like a charm! It's awesome. It's working perfectly fine, besides getting an error message every few minutes, getting an error message at the startup, and unexpectedly freezing. It's okay. Now I think I can work on that flash game I was tellin yall bout.


2008-10-05 01:19:25 by Cetacean007

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Well, recently my computer got a virus. Spybot a MBAM isn't helping at all either. When I get my computer fixed, then I'm gonna make a simple fishy game (that's prolly gonna get blammed). Also, please help me make a flash.
In the mean time you can see my awesome mudskipper porno. 04Mc

Ok, I'm just fucking sick of this bullshit. I'm a begginer at flash animations, so therefore, I want you to fucking respect me. EVERY time I post a flash animation, even one that has good quality, some fucking moron decides to blam it, even if I spent several fucking weeks working on it. However, if they watch THE SHITTIEST flash animations that deserve to be blammed, they will worship them like some sort of god, as long as it has anything to do with either porn, some shitty video game, or an overused internet meme that's not even funny. So please, don't be a total asshole and blam all of my videos, and if you actually plan on blamming them, just remember that I'm a begginer with flash and I hope to improve.


I'm really fucking angry

2008-06-26 01:03:26 by Cetacean007

I am.